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A utterly blinding haze
Engulfs us in its cold arms
And weakens us by the mile
Lost in torment, in never ending chaos
The air gets thicker , the winds get stronger
Fields of tornados imprison us
Condemning us to an impending doom
We will be destroyed, we wretched of the earth
The gleam of hope that once stood strong fast extinguished

A sick noxious stench enshrouds us
And infiltrates our cells, a sickening sheer poison
Cursing through our veins and modifying our genes

I am in ecstasy, in thrall, bereft of my human shell
An unnatural contamination of my sanity
Our souls intertwine and blaze furiously

Visions of absolute chaos unravel before me
Visions of forbidden parchments speaking blasphemy

Bring forth the secrets of the cult
I clutch the reasons of our annihilation
Falsely prophesied for centuries,

In lies forevermore.
A message, force-fed into my subconscious
By our supposed punisher, now savior

Oh mother earth, invade my soul and reveal what you saw
Make me see the light, make me see this world
Reveal the darkest secrets of the merciless

I deciphered the writings on the walls
Unveiled the opaque mystery of this machination
Ancient rites, long bestowed upon evil infants
A genocide with nothing but a human face in command
Of demonic creatures harvesting survivors worldwide
To establish a new era of slavery
Upon the mere shadow of humanity.

Belie our ominous past oh, mighty force
Pardon our pathetic species of imbeciles
And the obsolescence of our rusted minds

We kneel upon you feverishly
Unearth the great tides of your wrath
And cleanse yourself of the wicked

Bring forth the secrets of the cult
Enlighten the ignorant and punish the deviant.


from Descent Into Arcologies, released July 25, 2013



all rights reserved



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