Descent Into Arcologies


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MetalMack Absolutely amazing sound. Quickly became one of my favourite death albums. Favorite track: Exhume The Cult.
Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Tout d'abord, les points forts : un visuel magnifique ; la durée qui en dit long ; les compos bien équilibrées ; le concept qui change un peu du cyber-metal... Ensuite les points faibles : en fait, non, je ne vois pas... Favorite track: Exhume The Cult.
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syn Really interesting tech death band with deathcore and black metal influences. This is a great concept album with all of the songs being about a post-apocalyptic world and the survivors interactions with eachother. I'm deeply in love with the bass drum tone used on this album and all around the album sounds fantastic.
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released July 25, 2013

All songs © 2013 The Bridal Procession
Produced & Engineered by The Bridal Procession
Recorded & Mixed by JF Di Rienzo at The Office Studios in Paris, France
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Studios, NC.
Cover artwork by Ken Sarafin
Booklet artwork by Daniel McBride

The Bridal Procession is:
Steve Garner- Vocals
Tuan Nguyen- Ryhthm Guitar
Jean-François Di Rienzo- Lead Guitar
Andreas Quaranta – Bass



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Track Name: A Paradoxical Utopia
"Various groups of survivors all over the planet are trying to start over after the past events that annihilated most of the human race. They are living crammed into overpopulated doomed cities called arcologies. Some fell right below the level of the ground living in subterranean caves surviving with their own resources. Trying to start from scratch each faction has different rests. Some were left with nothing more than dust and scum and a few others were left with primary technology allowing them to build advanced camps and communicate together. Yet none of these groups are actually aware of the existence of other survivors... yet. "

Awaken, and rise again
From the ashes of a pulverized ancient reign
The universe has spoken and we are the undesired
The world is so quiet now that the seventh trumpet sounded

The great fires annihilated forests and harvests
Acid rains left our lands ashed and miserable
Rivers were poisoned forever

From afar dark souls were perceived
Survivors? Lost in the realm of nevermore?
In the midst of a new revolution
Psalms were heard through the wind
Our eyes are filled with the blackest pain

Our kins have fallen
Yet we are cursed with a second chance
Revenge on the lips and deceased in our arms
We sought escape to this misery

Is this our purgatory?
Or are we heaven sent?
Are we really all that's left?

We need to find the might to start it all again
Rebuild society, rebuild humanity
In honor of our fallen kins

Our darkest days are upon us all
And all we have left is a solemn oath
To find our new purpose on this earth that was once ours.
Track Name: Subterranean Abomination
As we patrol across these doomed lands
Seeking survivors and signs of life
Shrilling, piercing sounds of cracking bones
Haunt this perfidious valley
Beyond the gates of perdition
Behind tall fumes of fetid stench
The earth collapsed on itself

Imprisoning all living things
Slammed dozen miles deep
Isolated and starved to death
Inhaling toxic emanations of festered fluids

We call them the nefarious
The damned, the plagued

Foul bodies bathed in boiling blood
Among altars of circling bones
Melting away from the extreme warmth of the core of the earth

Maimed, crawling, at the dusk of existence
Necrotizing fasciitis will end this everlasting suffering
And punish us once again for our blasphemy

Running out of time
We witness pure horror
Perverted souls starring into the abyss
Our wounds are still bleeding

A swarm of desperate eyes looks up to the sky

We call them the nefarious
The damned, the plagued

Trying to catch a glimpse of the intruders under this occult downpour
Eyes like fireflies illuminating a chaotic moonlight

They are all lost,
And all forgotten.
Track Name: Divine Enlightenment (feat. Aaron Matts)
Blinding flashes in the shadow
I can feel illuminated and embraced
By this comforting light blessing the horizon

The night is sinking cold
Pulling us to the ground
Our mortal forms are no more

Great fires, frozen and extinguished
Intriguing auras perceived haunting the skies of this unholy territory
Transcending survivors reaching for the light

Repeating on and on this non-sense

"I will follow you in my darkest hour,
So show me the light, show me your power"

On general command populations were gathered
In the heart of the mountains surrounding our herd
To contain and eliminate the fear
In the desperate eyes of our frightened peers

I'm following the enlightened to the cradle of the light
The wraith of the apocalypse transpires on every inch of land in sight
I can feel the sorrow and despair of our fallen kins
Cursing through my dead veins

I am a stranger to such faith
It slowly devours my flesh
It burns like a thousand hell fires

Desolation and abomination are what I face now
An excruciating sight answering all my wonders

So cold it's now unbearable
I am losing focus, a veil of ice blinds my sight.
Track Name: Lethal Miscalculation
Oh my god, our brothers...
Finally we found them
But they lie here, beheaded
Just like everyone else
What is happening?
What can we do?
We can't just run away,
The mission needs accomplishment
The blamed need a punishment.

At the helm of this back-up expedition
We need to put an end to this mass-murder
A devolution of all control
At the helm of this back-up expedition
We need to put an end to this mass-murder
To protect our weakened coalition

An extermination perpetrated by faceless predators.
Never-ending galleries strewn with electric connexions encircle us

The luminance of these halls damages our tired retinas.
Our lucidity weakens at a fast pace.

The unsolicited manifestation of the feared entity
Annihilated our courage and thirst for discovery
The fear inside us could end our lives
The malevolent aura surrounding this evil
Surpasses our worst nightmares sensations

A devastating snowstorm blasts outside,
The heat drops far below zero
Reminiscent of our earlier demise
Informing us that with haste, utmost evil approaches

We are condemned to a destructive onslaught.
All of a sudden all lights died
And shattering screams pierced the absolute darkness

We are the witnesses of the death
Of a brother, fallen by the hands of the unknown.
We cannot risk any more lives
We need to escape and save ourselves
From this place that owns no name
But ninth circle of hell

We came as conquerors, as saviors
Always so certain of our monopoly
Rushing headlong into the jaws of hell
Dominated by inexplicable forces
More than miscalculations, a lack of anticipation
A menacing dark cloud spreads through the glen
Chasing our frightened mortal souls

Running for our lives, escaping the wicked
Was our intrusion unplanned and unhallowed?
Did we disturb this macabre force?
Run for your life
Track Name: Exhume The Cult
A utterly blinding haze
Engulfs us in its cold arms
And weakens us by the mile
Lost in torment, in never ending chaos
The air gets thicker , the winds get stronger
Fields of tornados imprison us
Condemning us to an impending doom
We will be destroyed, we wretched of the earth
The gleam of hope that once stood strong fast extinguished

A sick noxious stench enshrouds us
And infiltrates our cells, a sickening sheer poison
Cursing through our veins and modifying our genes

I am in ecstasy, in thrall, bereft of my human shell
An unnatural contamination of my sanity
Our souls intertwine and blaze furiously

Visions of absolute chaos unravel before me
Visions of forbidden parchments speaking blasphemy

Bring forth the secrets of the cult
I clutch the reasons of our annihilation
Falsely prophesied for centuries,

In lies forevermore.
A message, force-fed into my subconscious
By our supposed punisher, now savior

Oh mother earth, invade my soul and reveal what you saw
Make me see the light, make me see this world
Reveal the darkest secrets of the merciless

I deciphered the writings on the walls
Unveiled the opaque mystery of this machination
Ancient rites, long bestowed upon evil infants
A genocide with nothing but a human face in command
Of demonic creatures harvesting survivors worldwide
To establish a new era of slavery
Upon the mere shadow of humanity.

Belie our ominous past oh, mighty force
Pardon our pathetic species of imbeciles
And the obsolescence of our rusted minds

We kneel upon you feverishly
Unearth the great tides of your wrath
And cleanse yourself of the wicked

Bring forth the secrets of the cult
Enlighten the ignorant and punish the deviant.
Track Name: Process of Illumination
I visualized the end of mankind
My eyes have seen unspeakable things
The bloodstained picture of a machination

Of a billion lives bought and sold in infamy
A man-made deception defying our rights
With disconcerting impunity
Bloodsheds and genocides in the name of security and liberty
Your oppression of the population
Will lead you to your own painful end

You rule the world with fear
Rendering citizens harmless, weakened
But hate blinds you and our legions have grown stronger
Despite your desperate attempts to divide us all

Your judgment is near and you will answer for all that you hid
For all that you destroyed and corrupted

No longer will your servants lead us all to our graves
You once stole everything from us
Our families, freedom and dreams
The only thing we will take away from you now is your life
Your kingdom will fall and we will watch you crawl

Crawl to our knees and beg for mercy
I have no pity for your kind
We will cast you back into the corroded womb of hell
We will set this system on fire
Watch it burn to the fucking ground

We will end you and take over the world again
Our world is on the verge of rebirth
And I will make sure you're never gonna be a part of it again

Track Name: Birthing of the Sick
This faction of survivors
Abandoned themselves to pure insanity
Procreating like rabid dogs
In a vast industrially organized orgy
An horrific factory of human procreation
A lucid nightmare with no way to wake up
Dehumanized, desocialized
Numbered and classified

The men, drugged and flogged
For every sign of laxity
Named and shamed

The women, hands and feet tied up
To archaic machineries
Lined up like cattle
Forced legs open in a catatonic state for days
Violated, abused and soiled
Methodically exiled from males

To avoid sentimental bounding
The shattering symphonies of tired cries
Haunt the halls of this hell on earth

"We are birthing the future of the human race"
They say...
The progenies of an abomination
Disfigured and sick

Piles of dead corpses thrown in open common graves
Exhaustion, pain and depression sealed their destinies
Swarms of vultures circle the skies
Tearing the martyrs to pieces

Humanity is in a dire state
If this is our hope to soar once again.
We need to escape.
Track Name: Trapped In Hell
I will never find solace
After all I shaped my own destruction
A self-made lethal disaster
Primal being, trapped in eternal dissension
Following the same crooked path
I knew it all along
That this wouldn't last forever
That my foolishness would kill us all
The weight of the world was too much
For me to handle.

This world left me forsaken
Jaded and depressed
Never satisfied my soul in drought
My wounds were healed
My pains were washed away
But it sucked the life right out of me
And spit me out miserable

I'm staring at the sun
Facing my demons and delusions
I hear this voice inside me
"So come with me now
And let go of everything."
Take me to the other side
Allow me a taste of deliverance.

Hope is the only thing keeping me alive
Love is the only thing keeping me sane

"I will keep my eyes shut and pray for a better tomorrow
Because in the end, I have nothing else to lose.
I will keep walking until my body can't take no more
I won't end this journey until I find peace
I am a broken man in a broken world
And i've lost the will to fight for it
I've lost the will
But I will keep on walking."

Hope is the only thing keeping me alive
Love is the only thing keeping me sane
It helps me realize that I'm not alone.
Track Name: Pathological Enslavement
Before us stands a colossal monolithic mass
Like a mountain of glass rising from a mud ocean
Like a mirage, a fantasy, blessing our eyes and wounds
A promised luxurious shelter
Finally protecting us from all this madness

Are we finally saved?
Painfully walking through the swamps
The sugar-coated picture quickly bursts into flames
As we cross the gates and stare through empty eyes
And disembodied masses

In this high-tech panopticon arcology
Not a single move can be hidden from that all-seeing tower
No chance to step away from the line
A bulletproof mass-control propaganda
That no one seems to fight

It feels like everyone has lost all hope and faith
In a better life
Handing the leash to a faceless master

We are floating towards demoralization
Climbing up the walls of conformity and alienation
Bowing down to flags that lost all signification
Living on broken foundations

This structure seems far too perfect
For a survival plan
This system seems far too mathematically flawless
For an emergency institution

The darkest demons of our generation
Safely pilled in secret governmental survival facilities
Once again overlooked the citizens depression

The apocalypse only punished society's eternal casualties
For the darkest minds of our times prepared their retreat
Decades ago keeping it silent to the ones funding their deceit

Initially struggling to maintain order within the population,
Theatrically fabricated pandemics
Giving the population a sense of dependency
Were always the perfect solution to regain credibility and authority over frightened masses.

The true pandemic lies within us all
A pathological enslavement
Finding comfort in higher spirits, higher authorities
Relying on gods and icons
On a supposed Providence, compensating us in a future existence
Without the pain, sorrow nor evil of this life
In exchange of a sinless journey
We are all infants in need of a father to guide us.
Please guide us
We will never let slavery haunt our world again.
Track Name: Universal Secrecy (feat. Nick Arthur)
An incremental B-plan organized to the letter, to the second.
A flawless international agreement showcasing corruption of the darkest shape.

It's about time, we turn this world around
And give the power back to the people.

So kneel before your "kings"
If you feel like this is freedom...
Seen as pawns on a worldwide grid
As a dying hive relying on an almighty queen

This is our final chance to save our rights
To save the last bits of dignity we have
If war is the only answer, we will stand strong
And fight this totalitarian state

A global insurgency of worldwide repercussions
To cleanse humanity of its gangrenous limb

We will never relinquish our freedom
It is all we have left to fight for, to die for
In a world so profoundly hurt by its predominant inhabitants
The serfdom of the population towards the government is no more

For those who died thousands of miles away from home
Fighting wars that made no sense to anyone but elites
Every day new truths surface from the blurry picture
That is the political past of our world

As hundreds of top secret operations were commanded
The populations were merely considered as livestock

Perpetually tested, evaluated and taxed
By the puppeteers of humanity
Tormenting the weakest minds
With pre-programmed economic crisis and internal attacks

It's about time, we turn this world around
And give the power back to the people.
You fake your weakness feeding the citizens a facade of innocence

A false sense of liability in this laughable saga of modern humanity
When in the end they are the ones hurting us everyday
Every single fucking day



But we will remind them that the middle-class has a voice
And that our numbers will always dominate.

Open your eyes and see the world for what it is
Open your eyes and see those pigs burn.
Track Name: Summoning Warmongers
"Obliterate all hope of rebellion,
For it is your brothers and sisters that you will fight"
When everything you know was shaped by everything you hate
When the very core of everything you despise
Haunts the heart of everything you love
How can you say that this is fate?
How can you stand here hoping it won't get worse?

We have been tricked and mislead
By malevolent hands that raised us all blind
To freedom and freewill
And oppressed us all for centuries.
Many of our fellow citizens gave up on democracy
Now subservient drones at the mercy of the kings,

An entity providing them "security"
Reward of an unquestioned sovereignty
At the cost of their own liberty.

Generations of vile, scathing minions
Disguising their true intentions
Behind promises of progression
Damn you all fucking liars

It's all constant fucking regression.
We are dying one by one
Breaking our backs everyday
To earn the money that will feed them

We are dying one by one
For another damn barrel,
For another dark alliance based on global profit.
But in the end, end justifies the means.

Yet, our futile cognizance of these conspiracies
Will discredit us in the eyes of the corrupted
Conditioned since birth to be a perfect soldier
Of « the righteous nation » out to save the world
Against the evil « foreign enemies »
When in reality the evil lies within our parliaments

This is a call to arms
A call to patriotism and devotion
We need to take a stand for future generations
A momentous day for mankind

We need to make it clear
That we will never let go.
Our deafening screams shall be heard once and for all
For governments worldwide to hear and fear.

We will never let go.
This world is our realm.
Track Name: Coalescing Destinies
Analyze, reconsider, take action
We strive for true happiness
In a broken society driving us insane
Forcing us to find a way to keep misery away
For some time or life time.

Using the eternal "drowners of cares"
Withdrawing us from the pressure of reality

To ascend to our own perfect worlds
Where depression never knocks
Where our wildest dreams are reality
Where nothing is earthbound

Our mental state is decreasing daily
Our perception of the external world is blinded
By our hunger for pleasure and satisfaction of our needs

Cowardly avoiding all confrontation
Avoiding the evil we can't understand
The deceptions we can not stand

The discrepancy between both worlds grows
With every intoxication
We become madmen
Delusional, perverted, isolated...
Hoping for a better tomorrow
Intoxicated, disconnected from reality
Hoping for things to change for the best while we are gone

Escaping the wastelands
To safer plains of enjoyment
Scared of everything we can't control
Real life crushes us to pieces
And demolishes all irrational expectations.

We can't protect ourselves from
The inevitable sources of suffering :
The feebleness of our transient bodies...
The wrath of mother nature...
The hostility of mankind...
Which are bound to wipe us out of the map eventually.
Through all suffering, through all worshiping
Lies one indisputable factor
Time is our only rational master

No matter who we are
Where we're from
What we've done
Honest or evil
Rich or poor
Once we hear the clock ticking
It never leaves us
Like a poison it runs through our cells
Haunts our every move and thought
And one day...It stops.
In the blink of an eye, an entire life
Of memories, of joy, of pain, of suffering, of love even
Disappears into eternal oblivion
Eternal darkness.

Close your eyes and just let go.

We are at the edge of the world
At the dawn of a new reign
Or the end of a foolish dream.